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Our marine service extends to boat canopies, biminis, front and side clear enclosures, full boat enclosures, boat carpets, full boat covers, interior/exterior cushions & decor and outboard motor covers.

Boat canopies

It is important that boat canopies are in top shape at all times as they serve a multi purpose on a boat. Not only does it afford protection from the elements such as rain, salt, sun and wind, but offers protection for the electrics in the boat.

Boat canopies should be an attractive feature of your boat and there is nothing more unsightly than a worn or shabby looking canopy. Similarly, if the boat’s clears are scratched or cloudy it could make the visibility compromised. General wear and tear and exposure to the elements will cause damage such as tears, scratches, broken zippers or cracking. These can easily be repaired, or replaced if needed.

Boat biminis

Biminis are a custom made sun protection canvas top shelter that is supported by a metal frame. They are designed to be able to be lowered and raised when protection from sun (or rain) is required. The can really enhance the look of your boat and available in a range of fabrics.

Marine upholstery & carpets

Coffs Coast Trim has access to a large range of fabrics and materials that are suited to marine conditions. Whether you are recovering fabric, installing new foams, or you want a complete overhaul of the internal upholstery, we can custom make to your requirements.

Boat cushions and seat covers are a specialty. We ensure the correct fittings, webbing straps and buckles are attached so they are not ripped from the boat.

We have access to a range of carpets and boat matting that will put the finishing touches you require on your boat. Give us a call, or pop into our factory to discuss further.

Boat clears and backdrops

Boat clears are the enclosures that give you a more useable deck space on your boat. They are generally attached to the canopy or bimini. The advantage of having an enclosed area is the protection it offers you (and the boat’s equipment), from the sun, wind, salt and rain. They are very stylish and give your boat a complete look.

With several different qualities of clears on the market, it really depends on your budget just how much you want to spend. Give us a call and we can discuss the various options available to you.

Boat covers & outboard covers

A boat cover can offer your boat the protection it needs when it’s not in use. Again, there’s a huge range of UV vinyls and fabrics specific to the marine industry from which to choose, and each cover is custom made to fit your boat.

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